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Soap Automatic  wrapping & Packing machine High Speed,

Detergent Cake Online Operation With Flowing Features 

Centralized Double Frams casted Structure ,

Signal Axis Servo systems for Smart Feeding Cake,

Twin smart Belts Assisted In Feed Conveyor For Smooth transfer Of the cake ,

For signal Cake  Packaging ,

Speed Up to 175 Cake per mint ,

However Shape of the Soap Moisture Content ,and laminate Material to be considers

Print sensing unit for printed wrapper ,

Individual Fine setting for Each pair of three sets of sealers,

individual Temperature Controls for round & long pair of sealing heaters

variable Speed Drive

Soap contact parts & Guarding Stainless Steel,

Step Down Voltage 110V stabilizer for safety

Wheels For easy immovability

motor 1hp,

Heaters 110 Voltage

Power Consumption 4 Kw ,

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