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Automatic Packing Machine For 1000gms to 5000gms All In  One Machine
Automatic Packing Machine For Beans, Rice,Sugar, Grains
Astra-92-automatic packing machine you can pack all this product with 1000 grams and 2000 grams and 3000 grams and 5000 grams of the same machine, when you have to change a new product, first thing is Coller change And the second will be the cup, and the rest of the machine’s setting,
You can get 15 programmable set-ups in the program set-up of the machine, in which you can Parameters save and keep the whole data in it,
When this happens, when you have to run another product, then start uploading its program number, then the Parameters of the machine do not have to do all the time with the Parameters, there is no mechanism of any kind in this machine; You need to check the machine once a week, which you will never stop producing, the incoming problem will be cured, the time will be saved, this is our machine a PLC There is a troll system, what is PLC, program logic controller system, this screen gets a screen touch display, and the display runs the entire machine’s operating system, as if the product in your Hopper is over, the machine automatically stops And the message will come, if the photoelectric sensor does not work, then the 3 Poach will stop for the machine automatic, and the message will come, there will be no harm in any kind, Will you becomes very simple to fix the machine such problem will display and run it like that dwells both your time and money „ this is an advanced feature of the machine,
ASTRA -92- – Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal machine to pack . Our offer is as follows.
Pack Type:- Center sealed Pillow Pouch Film Type :- Heat Sealable Multilayer Laminate.
Filling Rage-1000gms To 5000gms Filler Type :- Volumetric Cup Filler Accuracy :- +/- 5gm of fill volume Speed :-10 to 30 packs per min VERTICAL FORM FILL SEAL MACHINE HF
Pneumatic Type machine with coller.
Constant heat seal bars for sealing the horizontal seal and double draw for vertical seal, controlled Induction motor for film draw down by rubbished belts, make PLC with 7″ color touch screen HMI for controls.
Motors for film unwinding and trolley movement.
PID controllers for temperature control.
Steel 304, pipe structure with ceramic painting, with all contact parts in SS 304.
With one set of forming size parts.
• (W/O PULLING BELTS). Servo Motor, LX 26 Modal- ..
• Temperature adjustment through PID CONTROLLERS -DELTA
• Motorized Film Unwinding Mechanism.
• Built in Print Mark registration Device, PEPPERL+FUCHS,-GERMANY.
• Air removing flaps to remove most of air from pouch.
• MAX. ROLL WIDTH 400 mm.
Machine speed 10 to 30 per mint
Bag Size (Length)30-250 mm (Width) 100-400mm
Film Material Composite film/non-woven fabric/paper-plastic film
Net Weight 650KG Gross weight :750kg
Bag Type Center Seal
Notch Applicable
Voltage AC420V Three -phase
Total Power 3.KW
Measuring range 1000gms  to 5000gms
PLC Schneider
Measuring Mode Volumatric Cup filler,
Color Touch Screen With Full color touch screen, which makes it very easy and
convenient operation Schneider –
Machine Material Standard Steel
Mild Steel [Ms Contraction Squire Pipe, Front Plate Cover ,Top Cover,
Front Plate , Top Plate, Trolley, Housing , Collar Holding Plate ,
Motor Bonfigliol
Transducer marathon
Solid-state relay unison
Intermediate relay Omron & Other
Buttons Schneider
Pneumatic festo
Sensor Pepper + Fuchs
Full Features and Functions :

A) This machine can be able to volumetric Cup , bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, lot number automatically.
B) It has color control system which can get the complete trade mark design(photo electricity control system).
C) Fine packaging performance ,low noise .clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.
D) With safe plastic box on rotating blade to avoid hurting operator’s hands.
E) Operation manual will be delivered to the clients with machine
F) Tenure of Use: 5-10 Years
G) With Schneider Original PLC control system, makes it very good stability, good use, and durable in using time .
H) With Color Touch Screen , HMI,Which makes it very easy and convenient operation. VOLUMATRIC CUP FILLER
Rotary Dish Type Cup Filler With Multiple Dumps Option,
All Material Contact Part Standard Steel Dish Size 600mm ,
With Provision For Minor adjustment Of Volume By Telescopic Cups,
Output ; 10 Up 30 Pouches/ Per Mint,
Note ]
quantity to check its working at above speeds of machine. The set performance, however, is subject to the following factors:
1. Product properties and behavior
2. Constant product infield & bulk density
3. Film material and properties

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