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small food packaging machine Low Price In India/Germany/France/Argentina/South Africa/Nigeria/Ghana/ Mozambique/Morocco/Netherlands/Philippines

Product Details: Small Foods Packing MachineĀ 

We have brought Food Automated Pouch Packing Machine for small packing which is a small trader. Small packing has to be done. Small packing is seen very much in the market nowadays and most demand comes only for packing small pouch. For small, salted crunchy popcorn tea can be checked in Chinese peanut powder machine. This machine does not have much cost. Npeyr to put our machine definitely a let Japan Machine Apply one of our machines in two if you will our machine will be working in the same, what would be the cost of Japan’s machine will do the price you will know packing machine.

Astra-54 Supper Power Pack
Power Source Electric
Automation Grade Automatic
Capacity (pouch per hour) 1000-2000
Pouch Capacity 10-50 grams
Pouch Length 6-12 inch
Machine Power 2-3 HP
Filling Type Volumartic Cup Filler
Item Code 51
Packaging Speed 40 to 60 pouch per min
Power Consumption 2kw
Sealing Type Center Seal
Weight (Kilogram) 300kg
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