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horizontal flow wrap packing machine

Astra-30-   Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

Products – Solid regular Objects, Such As Monocake, Bread, Biscuits, Candies, snow Cake, Chocolate, Soaps,Detergent Cake, Tissues, ,  




Products Application ,Any items Which can Run on Surcase,

Sealing Systems –  Center Seal,

Measuring Mode-   manual Feeding

Sealing Mechanism-   Continues

Packaging Film-   heat Sealable Laminated, Film  in Roll form

Output for dry run *,-  60 pouch per mint

Maximum Film  Roll Width  –  350mm

Chain Conveyor, 8Fit long Conveyor with Pusher/ rod,

Main Body Covers –  Mild Steel, Powder coated

Main Body Type  –     Casting , Fabricated

All Material  Contact Parts, Standard Steel,

Main Motor-    2hp ( Gear motor , Crompton,

Electrical Power-   3 kw,

Machine weight-  700kg, Appro

Optional Extras Charge -, GMP version,VFD  , Batch Coding ,

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