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Astra-55, Sachet chilli Powder Packing Machine

Product Details:-chilli Powder,Turmeric powder,Beans Flour, 

Chilli powder automatic packing machine, this machine is on computerized control system, this machine should be the most advanced picture in which you get recipes setup,
Let me tell you what the recipe is, suppose it is from one to ten programs, the OK program number you set up 10 grams in one,
Program Number Two I set my 25 grams,
In the program number 3 you set 50 grams,
You set up the program in Program Number 4
In the program number 5 you set 200 grams,
Whenever you want to run the item number of the item you want to run, upload and upload it, and start the machine, you did not have to do it again and again, this machine we did special India and Nigeria song Kenya Uganda London Dubai Sri Lanka Algeria Congo South Africa These were the demand of this machine,

Power Source Electric
Material Stainless Steel
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Motor Power 3 HP
Brand-Astra-55 Supper Power Pack
Power Consumption 2.0 kW
Voltage (V) 230 V Ac, Single Phase
Max Roll Width up to 10 inch
Film Width 6 inch
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