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Cheetos Bear Nuts Packing Machine

have super power pack system and manufacturer and exporter place of Jaipur India, we have brought for you today, Snacks & Food Packing Machine, this cosmetic packing machine and this tremendous technology, in this machine you 10 grams 50 grams 100 grams 200 grams 500 grams 700 Gram can pack 900 grams and 1000 grams, automatic packing machine, on top of it are the Multi 10 head Electrical Weighed engaged, automatic machine weight falls in this machine, in this machine you will find the recipe Step   You will get p, you can save the item by typing the name of each program and save the item whenever you want to pack the pack, upload the file by looking at the name of that item, and start, what product do you pack in this machine I can tell you the name of this product

Bamba Bear Nuts-Cheetos Doritos-Funyung-Pringles potato Crisps-

   Ruffles Potato Chips-Chex Mix-Cracker Nuts-Bubblegum-Natural Snacks

   Unapopped Coren-Korean popcorn-Banana Cips-Salted peanut
Dry fruit-Foods & Snacks

This machine will be electrically powered by 4 kilo watt, you will have to install an air compressor, to run the machine, inside the factory, there should be an Erging Proper, use the UPS control for the electrical safety in the front of the machine, 1 week of this machine You should give 1 hour for cleaning, which machine you have to run for a long time, cleanliness of the machine is very important, you will also need an operator to run this machine. Quality is what you do great work in your factory, should be at least 2 operators there, so be not be available to an operator to place second to run the machine, Thank You

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